Some prayers during National Aboriginal and Islander Week.

I was so moved recently on Q &A to see Dani Larkin of the Uluru Dialogue Leadership Group, explain yet again that the Uluru Statement from the Heart was an invitation, not a demand. When will we be able to hear this? That night (Oct 26) on Q& A, Simon Longstaff got it. He knows how to listen.

Here are is a prayer I have written. Another one for my forthcoming book.

Ancient of Days who sees all brokenness,
no harm escapes your sight.
You see what we who call you ‘Lord’
did to the people who were First.
You see the culture we’ve ignored;
the languages erased.
You see their dignity, our shame.
You see the forced removal.
You see our arrogance, their loss.
No harm escapes your sight.
Call us to answer for the harm we’ve done,
to share the cost, to pay the rent.
To honour the ancient knowing
of those who always knew
that Spirit is in this place.

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