Tender, stories that lean into kindness

60 non-fiction stories about kindness in everyday life.

You can read a story from Tender here or here or reviews in Eureka Street and The Melbourne Anglican. Tender is published and sold through MediaCom as well as major bookselling websites and in the CBD of Melbourne at Central Catholic Bookshop and St Peter’s Bookroom.

You can hear poet Pádraig Ó Tuama’s speech at the launch of Tender here.

Readings from Tender

The author reads The Blessing song and Bank Teller from Tender.

People talking about Tender

Julie Perrin folds many layers into her stories: layers of love and layers of hurt; layers of humour and layers of surprise; layers of how language can sometimes shock us and sometimes save us.

Pádraig Ó Tuama, theologian and poet

Julie Perrin’s writing is awake and through her exposed and exquisite storytelling we are all invited to awaken to the fragile joy and honest grief of being here in the sacred ordinary. 

Sally Douglas, author and theologian

Dazzling little hand-grenades of meaning,  each of Julie’s stories wakens you to see the world somehow more clearly and with more appreciation.

Steve Biddulph, psychologist and author