So exciting to watch this match and see Melbourne playing brilliantly here at Victoria Park football ground. I have previously written about my delight in witnessing the first AFL women’s match two years ago at Princes Park.

A downer last year when I went out to an AFLW match at Casey and discovered the sponsors were giving away plastic blow-up batons. The sponsors sincerely assured me the plastic was ‘recyclable’ but it was depressing to see the mindless waste created for these events. I wrote to the CEO of the AFL. Gil McLachlan, to ask about their policies with so-called recyclable plastics and wasteful give-aways. My letter was dated 16 Feb 2017. When I didn’t get a reply I called, and was advised to email. A year later I am still waiting for a reply.

I do get it that the AFL can’t be held responsible for everything but the waste generated at sporting games is on a huge scale and is definitely in their court. Hopefully some of the good sense that has come about with the advent of AFLW will reach into the heart of how the AFL operates.

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