I wrote this prayer at the very end of 2019, in the midst of the Australian bushfires. Who knew what was yet to come…

This prayer, as with the others, may be shared freely with acknowledgement. If you’ve been following the Collects in the Time of Virus please note this particular photo is not from the Ian Ferguson collection.

Prayer for the new decade

A new decade dawns amidst smoke and heat and peril. What can we ask when we know much of it will be hard, even harrowing? 

Lord, to whom shall we go? John 6:68 

Holy One, who suffers with us,

we ask for grace in hardship, and the healing that gratitude can bring.

Where there is sorrow, help us to stay with the trouble;

when sickness and affliction come, grant us courage.

And if self-pity arrives to our doorstep, let there be no shame,

but grow in us a wider compassion for ourselves and others.

Move our hearts to forgiveness, may we know your mercy.

Where there is blame let us listen without judgement. 

In our confusion, lend us clarity,

and when we’re bewildered, help us to find our resolve.

Remind us of joy – may we dwell and delight in it,

and always, always, awaken us to laughter.

Shake us with the goodness of belly-aching mirth.

Give us insight for articulate, powerful protest,

and the patience to be generous citizens of loss.

May we listen for the clarity and the subtlety of what we are called to be and do.

Let us tend to that flicker and yearning to love you, Holy One;

to follow the Human One;

to be enfolded by Mystery.


May be  used freely with acknowledgement.                           Julie Perrin 2020  www.tellingwords.com.au

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