This prayer from ‘Collects in the Time of Virus”, is, not strictly speaking a ‘collect’ but certainly a litany
of things to love in a time of limitation.. A prayer of praise and thanks for ordinary kindnesses on an unusual Easter Day.
Thanks again to Ian Ferguson for the photograph.

 Great God who calls us to belonging,
Who delights in curiosity, invention, ingenuity.
Praise be for minds that bend and flex despite restriction,
for bodies that signal love by staying apart.
Praise be for neighbours talking across fences,
calling from balconies, waving through windows,
for greetings that cross the space between us.
Praise be for strangers, careful on footpaths,
for children asking their questions,
for truth tellers who earn our trust and speak to our fear.
Praise be for friends who warn and chide and encourage,
for human warmth in time of distance.
Praise be.

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