Julie tells folktales and trickster stories from around the world — the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia — building cultural connection through story.

Listening to a story is like taking a really really deep breath


The students were entranced

Tara School New Mexico, USA

Tension in a story, it’s like a rope when you twist it


When you listen with your heart you can feel without touching


It’s fun being entertaining


I have stories everywhere in my mind…


When I started I thought — Oh no, I’m going to be really bad at this — and then I got a bit of faith in myself


I learnt about being still


As well as storytelling performances, Julie teaches students to tell stories to younger classes. Student storytellers develop their fluency, memory and expressive skills. Julie is an accredited performer and teacher of twenty years experience. Her work has been supported by state and federal funding and philanthropic trusts.

primary school performances

grades prep – 2 rhymes and chants,
puppets, props and participation stories
grades 3 – 6 riddling and trickster stories,
folktales, personal experience stories


Julie offers weekly storytimes in your classroom over a ten week term. Story immersion helps students anticipate patterns and identify story structure and genre. In multi-cultural contexts Julie works in partnership with bi-lingual storytellers. Student storytellers practise re-telling traditional stories, rhymes and chants and co-tell in teams.

Her storytelling PD is a welcome intervention, fun, useful and immediately applicable.

Lynne Bury Victorian State Director of the Australian Literacy Educators’ Association

Before this project began I would not have believed what could be achieved through this simple medium of storytelling

Marnie Rodrigues Assistant Principal, Broadmeadows Valley PS

storytelling for teachers

Learn to tell a story by gesture! An experienced practitioner, Julie has taught in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. Julie’s professional development has a strong theoretical base with useful models and examples. Added to this is the pleasure of laughter and participation.
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secondary schools

Julie prepares programs with close
attention to the context and purpose of the
gathering –
retreats and
wellbeing days.

A feature for our VCE this year.

Helen Creed Chaplain Camberwell Girls Grammar School

A very gifted, spell-binding story teller who was able to engage her audience’s curiosity…

Terry McDevitt Head of RE, Westminster School, Adelaide, South Australia

Seeing the children’s engagement in their home language has been a powerful learning, something we often underestimate in the classroom.

qualifications and teacher registration

Master of Education, University of Melbourne
Grad Dip Drama in Education, Melbourne College Advanced Education
Grad Dip Theol, Melbourne College of Divinity
BA Dip Ed, Monash University

Full registration, Victorian Institute of Teaching
Master Storyteller, Storytelling Guild of Australia, Victorian Branch
Runner up for Freda Cohen Prize, Education Faculty, University of Melbourne


During 2009-2010
Julie worked in
collaboration with
bi-lingual storytellers in
the City of Hume and Victoria
University so primary school students could hear folktales in their home languages as well as in English.